Control Transformer

A Control Transformer Is An Isolation Transformer That Provides Good Voltage Regulation & It Is Also Designed To Provide A High Degree Of Secondary Voltage Stability (Regulation) During A Brief Period Of Overload Condition (Also Referred To As “ Inrush Current ”)
Control Transformers Are Useful Where The Available Voltage Must Be Changed To Accommodate The Voltage Required By The Load. For Many Electrical Circuits , The National Electrical Code (NEC) Requires A Separately Derived Neutral Secondary Connection Provided By Delta – Wye Connected Transformers.
Control Transformers Are Available In A Variety Of Primary & Secondary Voltage Combinations From 120 / 240 Primary Voltage , 24 Secondary Voltage At 50 / 60 HZ Through 480 Primary Voltage & 240 Secondary Voltage At 50 / 60 HZ Up To 5000 VA Rating.